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E-books - guide: Welcome

General information about e-books provided by the library and/or the University of Iceland


In this guide you will find information about e-books available at the National and University library. E-books are available in most subject fields and can be particularly useful for students and researchers at the University of Iceland.  


New e-resources at the library

Students and staff at the University of Iceland now have access to 190.000 e-books in ProQuest Ebook Central

Please note

E-book services can include books that aren´t licensed to the National and University Library of Iceland. Many offer the option to limit searches to licensed materials only.

How to use e-books - General information

E-books are acquired primarily for students and staff at the University of Iceland. You can search for e-books like any other books, in the library catalogue To access the e-books you either have to be in the library or be connected to the University network. You can also access e-books and other e-resources when off campus via remote connection (VPN).

If you are a walk-in customer, you can access the e-resources at the library premises either by using the computers reserved for visitors on the 2nd floor or on your own laptop via a wireless connection. The customer service desk staff can assist you and provide you with a temporary connection.
Most of the National and University Library´s e-books can be read via the internet without a separate device or programe. 
Most of the e-books
  • Can be found in the library catalogue
  • Can be read as PDF files or HTML pages or with Adobe Digital Edition
  • Can be used both through the library´s and the University of Iceland network as well as from home with a VPN connection

In some cases e-book services and/or publishers require a username and password when downloading a book or to enable personalization. Then you have to register an ID with the service or publisher.

E-books terms of use - General

You may

  • browse and search through the e-books
  • print and save sections of an e-book for your personal use for study, teaching or research purposes
  • incorporate links to e-books in electronic course materials used in teaching at the University of Iceland

You may not

  • use an e-book or parts of it for commercial purposes
  • distribute, sell or modify an e-book, or make derivative works of it
  • systematically download e-books by robots or other automatic processes



Guðrún Tryggvadóttir
Director of services and information
Tel.: 525 5731