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Skemman (repository), submission of theses: Welcome

A digital repository for students´ final theses. Doctoral theses are to be submitted to the repository Opin vísindi

Signing in/password

Students sign in with Menntaský. If submitting to Skemman without being signed in to Outlook/365 at the university students should use the same password as they do when accessing Ugla. 

Welcome to


Skemman was originally a cooperative venture launched by The University of Akureyri and the Teachers‘ Training College. It was hosted and managed by the Teachers‘ Training College until 2008 when the College was amalgamated with the University of Iceland and became the School of Education.  In spring 2008 it was decided that the National and University Library would take over the management of Skemman.

Skemman uses DSpace software.

Submitting a final thesis

A student is required to submit his/her bachelor or master thesis in Skemman the digital repository of Icelandic universities. The thesis needs to be accompanied by a signed declaration of access 

Please note that Doctoral dissertations should be submitted to the repository. See submission guidance.


When handing in a final thesis in Skemman first choose Submit your work - Click here then  choose University of Iceland and enter your username and password. Choose the appropriate collection; Menntavísindasvið: B.A./B.Ed./B.S. verkefni (B.A./B.Ed./B.S. thesis) or meistaraprófsritgerðir (Master thesis) and choose type Lokaverkefni (Thesis). Press Begin Submission and fill in the form that follows. Instructions are on every page. In step two you are required to upload your thesis. Here you also need to upload the aforementioned declaration. Please note that text files need to be in PDF-format

When you have finished handing in the thesis you can see your work in Skemman under My Submitted Items and that it is pending acceptance. You will get an email that confirms that the thesis has been handed in and is pending review. 

Students should take care to submit the final edition of their thesis. If a mistake has been made and the student wishes to submit a new document it is possible to do so once before graduation takes place. Contact

After graduation it will no longer be possible to submit a new document without a supervisors certification.


Open access

In accordance with the Open access policy of the University of Iceland students are encouraged to provide open access to their theses as "research work within the University of Iceland also bears fruit in the form of students´ final projects, as part of both undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The University considers it important that these projects be accessible to all as far as possible"

In general most faculties support open access. Students are, however, allowed to close access to their theses for a period of time. If closed access is chosen it is recommended that access is not closed for longer than necessary.

Three faculties have adopted mandates on open access in

They are: 

  • Faculty of Business Administration (MS theses)
  • Faculty of Economics (MS theses) 
  • Faculty of History and Philosophy (BA og MA theses) .

Access to the theses should be open, but if it is important to close access temporarily, then it is necessary to state the reasons for this and the relevant faculty head and/or supervisor must give their approval.