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Course reserves: Students

Course reserves are a collection of materials reserved by lecturers at the University of Iceland for the use of their students

How do I use the course reserves?

What are Course reserves?

Course reserves are a collection of books (including e-books), DVDs and other materials that lecturers at the University of Iceland have placed on reserve for use by their students in specific courses at the University. The course reserves are located on 4th floor of Þjóðarbókhlaðan. 

How is the course reserves organised?

The course reserves can be found on open shelves on the 4th floor of the library. The course reserves are divided in to the schools and then each school is divided into faculties. You will find your course on a marked shelf within your faculty. DVDs are stored behind the service desk and need to be requested from the librarian on duty.

How do I use the course reserves? 

Course reserves are only intended for students at the University of Iceland. The books are accessible on open shelves so that students can find the textbooks they need themselves.

How can I help ensure reasonable access?

It is very important that all books that are only for use within the library are returned after use so that other students can find them. The library has several copies of some books which might be located outside the course reserves and available to check out.

Please be considerate of your fellow students.

Where do I return items from the course reserves?

If a book has only been used within the library, it can be placed on a book cart situated by the course reserves on the 4th floor. If the book has been checked out, it is returned to the service desk on the 2nd floor like all other checked out library items. 

Can I reserve a book or renew a loan?

Patrons can not reserve books belonging to course reserves. A loan can only be renewed with written permission from the lecturer. Lecturers need to send requests to:

How do I find the book I need?

You can see if a book is in the course reserves on You can also see how long the loan period is and to which course the book is assigned.



Below is a preview of how an item, belonging to course reserves, appears on

The book is registered in the course reserves (Námsbókasafn in Icelandic), the loan period is 14 days and at the bottom of Location 2 you can see to which course the book is assigned.


For how long can I borrow a book?


Red label: For use on site​

Pink label: One-day loan

Blue label: Three-day loan

Yellow label: Seven-day loan

Green label: Two-week loan


Please consider the needs of your fellow students.

It is extremely important that all books are returned on time.

The fine for late return is 300 ISK per day per item.